Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Our Fun-Filled Family Day in SB

I know that Labor Day is meant to be a day off of Laboring, and that after looking at the pictures of our family in being "touristy" in Santa Barbara it looks like a lot of Labor.  But honestly it was one of the most relaxing enjoyable days we have had as a family in a long time.  No phone calls, no interruptions (although we did run into a few of Nathan's work acquaintances, and the Voges)it was just nice to be together, and enjoy our day at our own pace (especially with daddy!)

We started the Day at the Zoo!

The Girls loved sliding down the astroturf hill!

Going Up!

Coming Down!  And she did that about 50 times!

Then we went to Chase Palm Park and rode on the Carousel  I love this picture, because I think it shows such a resemblance between these two.

I lived in Santa Barbara for two years and I never rode on one of these, but they are FUN!

We even went to the pier to have dinner, and wrangled three hungry tired kids

As if that wasn't enough...the kids still had energy in them to play at the park (well the ice-cream could have had something to do with their energy...)

I love this picture so much because I think it shows both of their characters so well-Maddie goes head first into everything, and isn't afraid to try anything, and Claire is slow to warm and observes first, and still feels more comfortable on the outside.  

It is impossible to get them all looking good at the same time, if you look really close Claire has cheese coming out of her mouth, lovely.

Lucy is alway pushing her sisters out of the way

Nathan and his perfect candids, I love this shot!